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Trainingcamp.com is a joke

1. they upcharge how much each certification costs for the testing and retesting where comptia's website shows how much the "member" price is and they are members says there website.

2. They had old out of date computers for there hands on training that didn't have the items needed to pass A+ certification.

3.Doing network+ then a+ is backwards and is probably done so that they can reap higher profits by charging higher retest fees.

Long story but I'll try to condense it

I signed up for A+/Network+ training from them I flew out to Dallas Texas to attend training class first 3 days were net+ last 3days was A+. The first test was on the 3rd day and 50% or higher failed.Of the people that did pass they had either previous training or utilized extra training material and tests online which gave them the difference they needed to pass the test. Over 50% of the test questions our class encountered wasn't taught to us or in the study material given to us from trainingcamp. We then proceded to A+ which is the easier of the two and the core foundation. Within 30min of starting A+ training alot of the questions we had missed was showing up on A+ The teacher continued teaching A+ and most of us passed the first A+ test and was ready to take the second test the next day. The next day we are greeted by a new teacher flown in to "Correct Mistakes that may have been made" After bragging how good he was and informing us that he was a director and that he wrote our study guides and that the self-test software we had been given was "***" He covered the rest of A+ Heres where it gets funny...So they replaced the teacher after majority of us fail network+ but passed the first A+. Needless to say majority of us did pass the second A+ as well being that A+ is easier than network+ but now theres less than 24hrs before camp is over so is the new guy going to recover net+ nope.. I asked him how he was going to cover in under8hrs what we couldn't get in the 3days we paid for on network+ and he again stated that the self-test software they provided us was bs and that he had new software for us to use. He said he was there to fix things so let him know if there was anything we didn't understand and he would try to help. During class I had several questions about stuff we had missed on the net+ test however he would always state I believe thats in the studyguide I wrote and didn't answer the questions. Others had questions as well and he told them the same thing. So he comes down the 2nd to last day to fix network+ but covers A+ instead and just says ask him if theres anything we don't get on network+

Funny thing is you don't get a list of what questions you missed so I remember what I chose on some questions but I have no idea if that was right or wrong. He told us he was authorized to grant retake vouchers if we wanted to take the network+ test the next day so after passing A+ it was around 8pm and we would have to take the test the next day around 10am and he wasn't going to recover any material but we could ask him any questions we had. I dunno about you guys but if we didn't get it in 3days whether it be there books, there "BS" test software, or there teacher (which is what they said the problem was) how we gonna magically get it if all he

is going to do is answer questions we may have. I went to talk to him about a question I had and about how I didn't think it was fair to have less than 1 day to study for something I paid 3days for he said "Maybe its my military training but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to pass if your not then thats your choice" I was like hang on Joe military has nothing to do with this I paid for a service I didn't receive. He continued being passive aggressive I guess trying to guilt-trip me into taking the test the next morning and then ended up saying well everyone else is taking it tomorrow I guess if you can't then oh well. At this I got upset cause once again the passive aggressive was over the top. The conversation ended with him asking what I wanted from him to which I replied nothing... I paid for this and expected to get it which I didn't but Nevermind I don't want ANYTHING from YOU. To this he stated well fine if you want to take the test at a later date if I have to pay for it out of my own pocket I will. That would have been great if it wasn't for all the passive aggressive comments earlier so basically he made it seem like he would give me a hand-out or charity. So I didn't retake the test the next day 3 of the others did 1 passed (Lol thankfully he went online and used other self-study materials and practice tests so he could pass) So I paid over $3,000 for network+ and A+ and just got A+ Being upset I decide to open a website trainingcampsucks.com I have a forum where I can post what happened in greater depth as well as the other classmates one who got screwed over more than me being lied too etc but he will post his own experience soon. Sorry for the long post I'm sure I've Missed some stuff so If you'd like to know more visit


Oh last note.. I just got a call from someone claiming to be the CEO of trainingcamp he was very angry and not very helpful so I guess I'm going to be sued now for speaking out.

To Anyone thinking of using trainingcamp.com I suggest unitek or techskills or any number of better business to deal with.

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alert("Stop crying!")

Hartselle, Alabama, United States #862393

I appreciate the heads up. I was about to sign up for a 7k MCSE bootcamp. That is a lot of money so if there is even a hint of any issues i am out.

to Me #1175586

Same here. Sorry Colin find a new patsy.

Lawrenceville, New Jersey, United States #579680

True, I have a very similar story in regards to this bunch. Buyer BEWARE!!!


THIS confirmed my skepticism. Ive heared so many iffy complaints about training camps, people training for the test only and not the whole network sides,etc.. gets the job and losses it because they couldnt perform their duty due to not learning the ins and outs

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